Ranking the Quarterbacks Series Part 3: NFC North

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Just south of the Wall, the North is in chaos as it is up for grabs. Many pledge to King Rod, the one true King of the north., but it is the wildlings of Sota, who have breached south of the Wall and seek to make their claim with their leader, Bridgewater, from Castle Black.There are whispers of the rise of the great Staff of Lions,new leader of the steel born Detroit nation, or the society of air assassins in the free city of Chicago, who serve the Many Touchdown God, those who aren't aware, cannot prepare for all must serve. Okay, okay, we get it, I watch Game of Thrones. Now lets get on with it.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

I was controversial in my last post, but not this one. Its clear, Aaron is king around these parts and there is no end to his rule in sight. Rodgers didn't have a mindblowing season in terms of numbers, but he made the same plays and throws that had us rewatching over and over again in disbelief. With Jordy Nelson returning healthy and Randall Cobb in the slot, its difficult to not predict another great year. New addition, Jared Cook could also have a career year now that he is away from LA and on a team with a winning culture.

Stat Prediction: 4,000 38 TDs 7 INTs and about 5 plays that I have no idea how they will happen.

2. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

While the Lions didn't play well by any means, they were extremely efficient last season, and Matthew was one of the top quarterbacks in the back half of the season in terms of production in the Red zone and after an 0-5 start, the Lions finished off winning 6 of their last 8 with Stafford throwing only 2 interceptions to 19 touchdowns in that span. Losing Megatron is going to show for sure, but Golden Tate has played extremely well when Calvin was out with injury, and free agent signing Marvin Jones could show production. What is really important for Detroit is that Eric Ebron steps his game up and becomes a viable option for Stafford. As long as the Lions don't take so long to find their legs, I think we could see them competing for a wild card spot.

Stat Prediction: 4,300 yards 28TDs 15 INTs and a mic'd up game winning drive that will convince Lions fans to believe for atleast another season.

3. Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

Jay only had 1 game with multiple interception compared to 7 with multiple touchdown throws. A down year with injuries to Forte, rookie Kevin White, and Alshon Jeffrey had Jay throwing to Marc Mariani and Joshua Bellamy on a regular basis. With a healthy roster I think Cutler is good enough to get the job done and win some games. I've always enjoyed Cutler as a player and think he really is better than most people think. My man took a bobbled snap at his ankles, had a pass rusher in his face, and threw a dime wheel route to Matt Forte to win the game. He has ice in his veins and no fear.

Stat Prediction: 3,700 Yards 25 TDS 16 INTs and 2 games missed due to injury.

4. Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings

I like Teddy, and putting him last on this list doesn't mean I don't see his talent. They just haven't cut him loose yet, because Purple Jesus decided being 30 means nothing and won the rushing record. Adding Treadwell to the mix as well as Diggs playing well can lead to a better year for Teddy, but that is a lot of inexperience at the receiver position and I still think Adrian is the go to for Minnesota.

Stat Prediction: 3,400 yards 16 TDs 8 INTs and constant talk about MoBo all preseason.