Ranking the Quarterbacks Series Part 2: NFC West

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the NFC West, what I consider the SEC of the NFL. This division loves to beat each other up. There is no favorites in an NFC Matchup and its always a game worth watching. Lets take a peak at the quarterbacks of this division which may be the most interesting of the bunch with two premier guys, a competition in the Bay, and a first overall draft pick all in the mix. Should be a fun time.

1. Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals

Well, since the Seahawk fans have already quit reading the blog, let’s talk about Carson Palmer. 4,671 Yards 35 Tds 11 Ints, when Carson stays healthy we see exactly what he can do. Carson is 19-3 in the regular season since 2014 and it’s largely due to his play. Obviously health is a concern for the aging quarterback, but the talent on Arizona is real and they have a great chance at repeating as champions in the NFC West. What I like about Carson is that he plays some of his best football against division opponents and things will only get easier with David Johnson taking over as the starting RB. I see a slight decline in the numbers for Carson compared to last season due to more touches for the running back group, but I don’t think he drop in terms of production and winning football games.

Stat Prediction: 4,200 Yards 30 TDs 9 INTs and a couple visits to the fountain of youth for Carson and Larry.

2. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Living in Hawaii has been full of great experiences for me. One of those great experiences has been the 2016 Pro Bowl and being able to see Russell Wilson, who blew me away with his arm talent. His ability to send a ball 60 yards at the blink of an eye is incredible. While I love Russell as an athlete, I just can’t put him at the top spot when we are talking about quarterback play. Leading the 20th ranked passing team with 4,024 yards 34 TDs and 8 INTS, there’s no denying that Russell Wilson is a superstar. Not only that, he did it with a hurt RB corps and a weak offensive line. In fact, Russell accounted for 500+ yards on the ground and was the team’s second leading rusher. This season I expect Russell to have a better year. Adding CJ Prosise from Notre Dame gives them a versatile pass catcher with excellent ability after the catch, as well as adding a tackle with the first round pick, Germain Ifedi from A&M, to relieve some of that NFC West pass rush. This may be the year for Russell to define himself as an elite quarterback.

Stat Prediction: 4,100 Yards 36 TDs 5 INTs and atleast 10 references of the Malcom Butler play.

3. Blaine Gabbert, San Francisco 49ers

If I didn’t catch flack for having Carson over Russell above, I’m getting it now for sure. Blaine Gabbert is my bold prediction for the 2016 NFL season. I think he is going to outplay Colin Kaepernick for the QB1 spot and then play an above average year. There is a ton of problems in the SF organization since Jim Harbaugh left for UM, and I don’t expect them to be fixed this season. Blaine is interesting because it is difficult to put the blame on him when you see the inconsistencies in his coaches and schemes which have changed every year he has been in the league. I think Blaine has excellent athleticism and will be able to run the Chip Kelly offense effectively.

Stat Prediction: 3,400 22 TDs 14 INTS and an unexpected early retirement.

4. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

While I think Goff will have a great future, he is back to the same deal from his freshman year where he has to build a broken team. Now, the Rams offense really found its stride last season in the run game. I see value in Goff in the play action game due to Gurley’s effectiveness, but if these NFC West teams get the chance to pin their ears back and rush the QB, its gonna be a long day for the rookie. Expect some flashes of greatness but also a ton of mistakes.

Stat Prediction: 3,200 Yds 20 TDs 16 INTs for the chicken legged Ryan Gosling impersonator.